Crisis Safety Training for Social Services, Church and Business

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We've trained thousands of Social Service Workers

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16 hours of 4 x 4 Hour Modules


Module #1 911APE – Awareness Prevention Education 4 hours
Lead Instructor Sgt Don Gulla
Sessions will consist of training in situational employee awareness and how it relates to their
work environment. Students will be educated on how awareness is a direct component of prevention,
and how prevention can be increased through improved customer service techniques. They will discuss
their roles and responsibilities and how they relate to established employer policies. Class is
designed to keep employees physically and mentally healthy by educating them on what to expect
before, during and after a Violent or possible Violent Encounter and how their experience relates
to Critical Incident Stress. Course is designed around awareness and prevention to prevent physical

Learning Objectives:
▪ Identify how we communicate verbally using content, voice and non- verbal
▪ Identify and demonstrate techniques to handle angry people
▪ Identify and demonstrate how to acknowledge and deflect verbal abuse
▪ Develop the ability to recognize threats early by using Awareness Radartm.
▪ Identify Emergency Communications, how to prioritize information and knowing your location.
▪ Identify Vehicle Description and Physical description
▪ Student will learn how to practice the “What-if Game” to them mentally prepare themselves.
▪ Identify Levels of Options available to students.


Module #2 - Social Interaction Tactics 4 hours

Lead Instructor Sgt Jim Detrick

Course Content:
Designed to teach students the skills that can get them prepared for a successful encounter, able
to conduct a successful encounter, and able to build traction for future successful encounters
within any cultural context.
The competencies cover a wide range of abilities including: Emotional intelligence
Mental rehearsal Body language reading De-escalation tactics
Class will include Role-Play by students to practice critical competencies.

Competencies include: 1) Pre-Planning, 2) Observe/Assess, 3) Contact, 4) Engage,

5) Self-Control, 6) Adapt, and 7) Disengagement


Module #3 - Grace Under Fire -De-escalating Potentially Aggressive Individuals 4 hours
Lead Instructor – Ellis Amdur M.A., N.C.C., C.M.H.S

Course Content
The Texture of Relationship – A Study of Interpersonal Space
The Art of Circular Breathing: The Development of Mindful Awareness Amidst Chaos
The Negative Stances
The Cycle of Aggression & The Guiding Principals in Dealing with the Cycle of Aggression
Tone and Quality of Voice
Tactical Paraphrasing – The Gold Standard
Forewarned is Fore-armed: Becoming Aware of Grooming Behavior
Control of Hot Rage, Fury and Bluffing Rage


Module #4911APE – Escape, Evasion and Self Protection Tactics  4 hours

Lead Instructor Sgt Don Gulla

Course is designed for employees who work in potentially dangerous environments, a
Physical Self Protection Block stresses escape and evasion tactics, but also prepares them to
defend themselves against a Physical Attack.

Course Content

Interview Stance and Seated Safety Measures
Evasion and Escape Tactics

Wrap Defense Position
Ground Defense

Small Joint Manipulation
Using common employee tools for defense and protection

Hair Hold Escape

Choke Escape