911A.P.E. - Real World Employee Safety Training

Active Shooter Survival

Teaching Employees to Survive Before, During and After a Violent Encounter Occurs

Awareness, Tactical Communication and Physical Self Protection Training


Overall Course Description


Sessions will consist of training in situational employee awareness and how it relates to their work environment. Students will be educated on how awareness is a direct component of prevention , and how prevention can be increased through improved customer service techniques. They will discuss their roles and responsibilities and how they relate to established employer policies. Class is designed to keep employees physically and mentally healthy by educating them on what to expect before, during and after a Violent or possible Violent Encounter and how their experience relates to Critical Incident Stress. Course is designed around awareness and prevention to prevent physical force. Response to Active Shooter Training can include Mock Scenarios. For high risk employees who work in potentially dangerous environments, a Physical Self Protection Block stresses escape and evasion tactics, but alsoprepares them to defend themselves against a Physical Attack.


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