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Course Description: Ground Survival Instructor Course. Arrestling techniques have been developed over the past 15 years for Law Enforcement by Law Enforcement Professionals. This course stresses police ground tactics that avoid exposing your duty weapon and NOT for sport submission training. Course incorporates duty weapon into many training drills. Course exceeds State and Federal Standards for Police Ground Survival Instructor.

Course includes: Combat back-front-side falls with gun, shooting from the ground, ground control holds figure-4, kimura, armbar from top-seated-side, ground survival tactics, defense againt takedowns, striking from top and botton positions, escape from chokes, escape from mount and guard, getting back to standing safely, closing the gap to takedown, foot sweep takedowns, WRAPStm takedown front-rear, ground weapon retention, getting suspects hands out from prone, small joint locks, defense against eye gouges, re-centering legs from ground, sweeps from ground to gain top control, arm locks to contolled cuffing, combat cuffing and two officer tactics.

Course length: Three 8-hour days

Cost: $300 per student (minimum of 20 students) Plus travel and lodging

Instructors: Don Gulla and Arrestling Instructor(s)

Equipment needs: Mock duty weapon

Duty belt and holster, Mouth Guard, Groin Protector, Striking Gloves, Knee Pads, Focus Mitts, Wrestling Shoes, Long Sleeve T-shirts,

Optional: Judo/JiuJitsu Gi, Grappling Attire

Certificate: Certificate will be good for 2 Years after completion of class.